7475 Box
7475 Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards is a Dino Attack set released in 2005. It includes three Mutant Lizards and a Viper minifigure.


The Fire Hammer is larger than would be expected. It has tan and red colouring and includes several stickers, including scratch mark stickers and headlight designs. It has a turret that launches green missiles, but curiously the set comes with only one minifigure; two would be more practical as one would "drive" while the other would "shoot". The Mutant Lizards are all the same shape but in different colours: there is a black one with yellow specks, a purple one with blue specks and a light brown one with yellow specks. Each of the lizards are baring their teeth in an expression like a grin. Their arms and legs have no joints and cannot move. The feet have little holes in them for studs to go into. DescriptionEdit

Mutant dinosaurs have taken over a section of the city, but Specs and the Fire Hammer are ready to take it back! The Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher really shoots to bring down the monstrous creatures. Includes Specs and three dinosaur figures. Ages 7+.



  • The description says the set comes with Specs, but it actually comes with Viper.