Super Heroes is a licensed LEGO Theme introduced in January 2012, although, in reality, 2011. Certain promotional sets were available in the Summer and early December of 2011. It currently features a grand total of over thirty, based on DC Comics and Marvel comic books and movies.

There were nine DC Universe sets (which focus on the Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern series with guest appearance by Wonder Woman and Flash) released in January 2012, with two promotional ones released in May. Twenty-three new minifigures were introduced in the DC Universe Subtheme in January.

The Marvel collection focuses on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Seven Marvel sets were released in April 2012, with the Spider-Man set released in July 2012. Nineteen minifigures were also introduced under the Marvel subtheme in April (and February for two of the promotional minifigures).

Videogames That Include DinosaursEdit


  • No dinosaurs were ever physically released in any sets and only appear as a non-playable cameo in both videogames.